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We love the art of to do Trail Running.

Now you can visit Mexico to run in differents  races and Private trips are available all year round.

Mexico is a paradise for trail runners, we have forests, deserts, jungles, rocky mountains, volcanoes, all these combined with stunning views.

Places like “Citlaltepetl”, better known as “El Pico de Orizaba”, one of the highest volcanoes in Mexico with an altitude of almost 17,000 feet, or the Copper Canyons where the incredible Tarahumara people run, or maybe a desert where we assure you great routes and big challenges.

Now imagine racing in these amazing places, sounds great right?

Trail Running in Mexico brings to you private trips, where you can run different races all year round, discover the most beautiful trails and travel around the country.

We know sometimes is not easy to access to the trails in Mexico, so we’ll make it easy for you, including races with incredible routes, some of these races with ITRA points, lodging, transport to the races, food, snacks, activities for your companion and everything you need, just worry about the race and let us handle the rest.

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ALL WEEKEND   Date: January 10, 11, 12 . 2020


Join us for this weekend adventure and enjoy two days of fresh air, running and amazing views As with the rest of the region, in Mineral del Monte ...

Where: El Chico Hidalgo 

When:  10, 11 and 12 January

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You can visit at great  canyon in Peñamillier, Querétaro. 

Paradise Canyon is an imposing natural attraction. Thanks to the Extoraz river that formed a 10 meter high ditch, but surrounded by black marble walls that reach up to 100 meters. Exploring the area is an adventure, you can find cave paintings left there by the ancient inhabitants of Chichimecas.

Distance:  11KM, 18KM, 26KM

When: March 29, 2020

Where: Peñamillier, Querétaro 




5° Ultra Maratón de las Altas Montañas.

Pico de Orizaba volcano is in the limits of Puebla and Veracruz states and about 17,000 feet over the sea level,UMAM trail race starts in here, at 5300 feet for both distances (34 and 47 miles) at the Volcano base.

With a demanding route including: scrambling, crossing rivers, single tracks, a vertical mile and stunning landscapes, UMAM is considered one of the hardest races in Mexico and that’s why the International Trail Running Association gives it respectively 3 and 4 points.  

Distance:  55KM y 75KM

When: April 04, 2020

Where: Pico de Orizaba, Veracruz. 





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